Need help with an Umbraco project ?

So you've done your research and decided to use Umbraco for your new website.

At Bayleafmedia, I specialise in building easy to use Umbraco / ASP.NET based websites.

I can manage the full website development lifecycle from requirements / user experience planning through to installation and commisioning, or make changes and updates to an existing website.

My fees are competitive and can be either contract or 'pay as you go', the choice is yours;

  • Daily (pay as you go) - Typically chosen when helping a client as extra resource on an existing project.
  • Contract based - Typically chosen when building a full website for a client.

I've been building websites since the late 90's, ASP.NET since 2005 and specifically Umbraco for the past 9 years. I follow the latest standards and best practice. My overriding principle is to make everything as simple and easy to use as I can.

Umbraco / ASP.NET Development

I specialise in building quality Umbraco websites for business. All my sites are designed to make it easy for site editors to update content, saving time and money on editor training.

Web Consultancy

I've got more then 20 years experience in the web industry and have worked with many products and technologies over the years. If you want some help or advice on your next web project please ask.

Web Project Management

‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’ – I totally agree with this. I wouldn't run a web project without a project plan, there would be too much that could go wrong. I use an agile project management method called *Scrum* which provides project flexibility within a controlled framework.

Requirements / User Experience

I'll talk to you in depth to find out exactly what you’re looking to achieve from your new website. I'll then use this information to plan the user experience and develop your project requirements documentation. This will be used as the master reference for your new website.

Agency Shield

Are you're thinking of hiring a digital agency (other than me), but worried you don't know the questions to ask etc? I can act as your technical advisor and help you get the best outcome throughout the full project lifecycle

Front End Development

I can convert your wireframes & graphic designs into umbraco templates using the language of the web, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript / jQuery / Angular. I always test for compatibility with the most popular browsers

Mobile & tablets

I build my websites to be responsive which allows them to perform well on mobile & tablet devices.

System Installation

I can work with you to install your website on your own servers. I can also advise on hosting if required

Want to work with me ? Start, by telling me what you're looking to achieve and we can go from there...

My Clients